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Book puppet from Axtell Expressions, Inc. Used with permission


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Puppet Building Books

The Foam Book: An Easy Guide to Building Polyfoam Puppets

Puppet Building Books & Equipment from puppetbuilder.com

The Puppetry Store - books on puppet building

Puppet Books from Ray DaSilva

Instructions with Patterns

Making a Simple Moving Mouth Puppet, complete with pattern


Unique Spool - puppet patterns and kits

Instructions & Tutorials

Audrey II Rental Page - information and hints on building "Little Shop of Horror" star puppet, Audrey II

Balinese Shadow Puppet Construction

Beginner's information on how to animate a Halloween skeleton

Building a Realistic Bird Puppet for a Short Film

How We Make a Puppet- Sculpting, Casting and Molding from Snapdragon Puppets

How to Use Latex Casting Compounds by Chicago Latex Products

Flocking Unit and Information from The Axtell Learning Page

Foam Puppet Construction Example from Nicodemus' Fursuit Pages

Foam Puppet Fabrication Explained from Animation World Magazine

Latex Foam for Puppets by Tom McLaughlin

Papier Mache Online Tutorials

puppetbuilder.com - puppet building information from Nick Barone Puppets

Puppets in the Making (latex puppet) from Axtell Expressions, Inc.

Puppets2000 - How to Make a Puppet (simple marionette and hand/rod puppet)

The Puppeteers' Cooperative - making giant puppets

fabrication of puppet heads using clay molds by Le Théâtre AMAC

Using Materials

Foam Latex by Steve Axtell

Latex Foam for Puppets by Tom McLaughlin

Neoprene: Where to Buy, How to Use by Freshwater Pearls Puppetry

Neoprene: Press Blankets by Mike Burger

Polymer Clay Central
- Polymer clay caning (for eyes) from the Polymer Clay Crafts' Home Page
- Polymer clay faces from Sarajane's Polymer Clay Gallery

Papier Mache Rediscovered By Ronnie Burkett and Ronnie Burkett's Papier Mache Recipes from Proptology Online
(Acetone warning)

PropChem 101 by Thurston James from Proptology Online

Puppet Making Supplies by Leo Brodie

Material Suppliers

Animatronics Supplies from The Animatronics Resource Site

Armatures from Armaverse

Aves Studio - non-toxic epoxy putty

The Amercian Plume and Fancy Feather, Inc

Bob's Foam Factory - The largest selection of foam in the San Francisco Bay Area

Burman Industries - foam latex, special effects makeup, molds, clay

Douglas and Sturgess: Artist Materials and Supplies

Eyes, Places to Buy Them

Foam Suppliers by Robert Smythe

Georgia Stage - Antron Fleece

GM Foam Latex

Latex and Neoprene Suppliers by Robert Smythe

Latex Foam for Puppets by Tom McLaughlin

MagicSculp - non-toxic epoxy putty

Micromagic Systems - animatronic and puppet control systems - United Kingdom

Puppet Making Supplies by Leo Brodie

Puppet Parts - catalog of cast rubber parts for making marionettes, hand and rod puppets

puppetstuff.com - building supplies and antron fleece (aka Muppet fleece)

Rosco Laboratories, Inc. - One of the world's largest manufacturers of products for theatre, film and television production.

Sculpt or Coat -Sculpt or Coat adds strength and longevity to your creations.

Supplies from the Dallas Puppet Theater

The Thomas Register of Manufacturers - online search of industrial manufacturer database (free registration required)

Unique Spool - puppet patterns and kits

USA Fur Manufacturers from Steve Axtell

Zeller International - non-toxic materials and mediums for casting, mould making and special effects


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