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PuppetFest MidWest

PuppetFest MidWest

Trenton Missouri, USA

PuppetFest MidWest is an independent, annual puppetry festival that is presented, organized and financially supported by puppeteers as a gift to other puppeteers. It is an affordable puppet festival, with an emphasis on showing and teaching the traditional skills of good puppet theatre.


Puppeteers of America

Puppeteers of America Festivals and Events

The Puppeteers of America helps to organize and promote puppetry festivals and activities throughout the United States and Canada.



UNIMA-USA Festivals and Conferences

Conferences and festivals bring together puppeteers and puppetry enthusiasts from North America and abroad for discussion and performances. Since 1988 UNIMA-USA has co-sponsored several such conferences.


One Way Street

One Way Street

One Way Street sponsors about 35 regional Puppetry Festivals across the US. These Friday night and all day Saturday events feature workshops, performances, competition, demonstrations, excitement, and a spiritual challenge. Everyone interested in learning about puppet ministry should come ready for an inspiring time.




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