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Places to Buy Puppet Eyes

Burman Industries, Inc.
14141 Covello Street
Unit 6-A
Van Nuys, CA 91404
phone: 818-782-9833
fax: 818-782-2863
email: burfoam@aol.com

Hamilton Eye Warehouse
porcelain doll eyes

Mercury Plastics (formerly Eye Design, Inc.)
995 Utica Avenue
Brookly, NY 11203
phone: 718-498-1557
fax: 718-498-1103
Info provided by Alan Luehmann

G. Schoepfer, Inc
460 Cook Hill Road
Cheshire, CT 06410
phone: 800-875-6939
phone: 203-250-7794
fax 203-250-7796
Info provided by Steven Hollow of The Magical Stage

Schrock's International
110 Water Street
Bolivar, Ohio 44612
phone: 330-874-3700
orders only: 800-426-4659
fax: 330-874-3773
Info provided by Travis & Lewellyn Bowen a.k.a. Mr. Zickletoose & Topa Prooductions

Zim's Inc.
4370 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107
phone: 801-268-2505
fax: 801-268-9859
Call for printed catalog, website doesn't currently have online catalog
Info provided by Alan Luehmann

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