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From Suspended Animation, Where Marionettes Come to Life! Used with permission.

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Puppet Stages

Théâtre de Marionnette - children's puppet stage

V.I.P. Company Stage Plans

Puppet Plays & Scripts


Theatre de la foire

Online 19th Century German Puppet play manuscripts at Case Western University - includes a Faust Script and hi-resolution photographs of each manuscript page

Puppet Plays Online

Sasha and the Pearl by Rudy Linke

Aaron Shepard's Readers Theater Page -- plays that can be adapted for puppetry and which can be used freely for any educational, noncommercial purpose.

DramaShare - Christian puppet scripts

Free Puppet Scripts - You can search for scripts using keywords or phrases, browse the script categories, and even share some scripts that you've written

The Puppeteers' Cooperative - scripts for Pageants and Processions

The Puppetry Store - scripts for sale

Yahoo Christian Puppet Scripts Group

Puppet Plays Available

New Plays for Puppets and Masks by Spence Porter




Writing for Children

The Burry Man Writers Center



Puppet Productions




Creaking Sounds
Purchasing a Microphone
Audio Tape Preparation by Mike W. Burger
Florida Magic Company/Portable PA Systems


  • Proptology Online

Stage Equipment

• ff Theaterbedarf - Stuttgart, Germany


Character Creation

Creating a Puppet Character by Bill Woodburn



Puppet Manipulation

Puppet Manipulation Skills from The Axtell Learning Page


Puppet Preservation

Conservation DistList - a forum devoted to the preservation of cultural property (search on puppet)



Puppetry & Funding

The Arts Deadlines List
Call for entries/proposals/papers, juried competitions, contests, jobs, internships, scholarships, residencies, auditions, tryouts, grants, fellowships, funding, financial aid, and other opportunities for artists.

The Council on Foundations
An association of foundations and corporations, serves the public good by promoting and enhancing responsible and effective philanthropy.

The Foundation Center
Collects, organizes, analyzes, and disseminates information on foundations, corporate giving, and related subjects.

The Jim Henson Foundation
Muppets creator Jim Henson established the Jim Henson Foundation in 1982 to promote and develop the art of puppetry in this country. Since then, the Foundation has introduced American audiences to the magic of puppetry through grantmaking, artist advocacy, outreach activities, and the presentation of contemporary puppet theater from around the world. The Foundation awards grants each year for the creation and development of new works by American artists.

The Grantsmanship Center
A source of training and funding information for the non-profit sector.

National Endowment for the Arts
The National Endowment for the Arts is the Federal grantmaking agency that Congress created to support the visual, literary, design, and performing arts, to benefit all Americans.


Puppetry & Education

Arts in Education: Ventriloquism from Carol Greene

arts4schools.com - info and resources about performing arts in the United Kingdom

Gateway to Educational Materials - search lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources

Puppets in Prison -- workshops and live performances on HIV / AIDS related topics in South African prisons

Punchy Advice -- the advice column with problems of its own

Puppetools - Advancing the language of play

Puppetry Theme Page

The Use of Puppetry to Increase Self-Worth Through the Windows of Poetry

Turkey puppet from Natural Learning


Puppetry & Television/Video/Film

Sites to Submit and View Short Puppet Films

The Puppet Forge

Bear in the Big Blue House

Children's Video Theater - has Bil Baird Marionettes' Davy Jones Locker
Crow Police

The Flexitoon Puppets

Greg the Bunny

Happy World Troll House

The Island, video of a Shadow Ballet

Jack Houston's ImagineLand

Legend of the Secret Stone, Official Site

  - Hollywood Heroes by Juping Chang of Taipei Times

Little Otik

Meet the Feebles
The Mousecracker from Snapdragon Puppets
Mystery Science Theater 3000

Prevent Violence With Groark

"SAM", Live Action/Puppetry Film by Frankie Cordero
Sesame Street
Shining Time Station
Sesame Workshop Sneak Peeks
  • The Juke Box Band from The Flexitoon Puppets
  • Working on the Shining Time Station Puppets
The Sifl & Olly Cyberspace Station
The Star Wars Trilogy Website

The Official G.S.P.S. Telegoons Site


Puppetry & Theater

Julie Taymor as Puppet Artist, a paper by James M. Brandon

Peter Schumann: Puppets, Bread and Art, a paper by Andrew Ryder

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, a paper by Jo Beth Gonzalez

What is Effective Puppet Theatre and Who is it For?, a paper by Caz Frost

The Obies and Puppetry by Steve Abrams

Theatre links

  • The Improv Page


Puppetry Reviews

Steve Abrams: Aesop's Fables and Liz Joyce: Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Donald Devet

The Adventures of Maya the Bee by Donald Devet

Ronnie Burkett: Tinka's New Dress by Michael Feingold, Village Voice

The Elementals: Bunkbed Commandos by Donald Devet

Preston Froeder: Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimy and Allyn Gooen/Annie Hickman: The Love Bug's Hug by Donald Devet

Janie Geiser: Ether Telegrams by Donald Devet

Gilgamesh Theatre Group: Between the Mysts by Donald Devet

Gretchen Van Lente: Doubting Dorothy by Donald Devet

Eric Jacobson: Gailileo's Telescope by Donald Devet

Lone Wolf Tribe: Big Top Machine by Donald Devet

Mettawee River Theater Company: Psyche by Donald Devet

Poko Puppets: The Peter Rabbit Revue by Peter Lewis

Poko Puppets: The Peter Rabbit Revue by Donald Devet

The Puppetworks, Inc.: Hansel & Gretel by Donald Devet

Sing a Song of Sixpence by Donald Devet

The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre: Jack and the Beanstalk by Donald Devet

Tarr and Fether Puppets: The Firebird by Donald Devet

Teatro Hugo & Ines - by Fred Thompson

Le Théâtre De L'Oeil: StarKeeper by Donald Devet

Time LaGasse/Jim Napolitano: Sammy and Sofa by Donald Devet

Basil Twist: Symphonie Fantastique by Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

Paul Zaloom: Velvetville by Donald Devet


Various Artists:

Artists of the Eugene O'Neill National Puppetry Conference: From There to HERE, January 20-24, 1999 by Donald Devet

Puppet Parlor July 30, 1999 by Donald Devet

Puppet Parlor October 21, 1999 by Donald Devet

Puppet Parlor February 14, 2000 by Donald Devet

Artists of the Eugene O'Neill National Puppetry Conference: From There to HERE, January 16, 2000 by Donald Devet

Artists of the Eugene O'Neill National Puppetry Conference: From There to HERE, January 20, 2001 by Donald Devet


Puppetry & Therapy

Puppets and Therapy Home Page


Debates on the Use of Puppetry

Are Puppets Alive? by Robert Smythe

"Is Puppetry Anachronistic?" Debate

Critical Theory Discussion

What is Effective Puppet Theatre and Who is it For?, a paper by Caz Frost


Notable Puppeteers

Bil Baird
Bil Baird Puppet Collection, at the Charles H. MacNider Museum, Mason City, Iowa
A Remembrance of Bil Baird
Children's Video Theater - includes Bil Baird Marionettes' Davy Jones Locker

The Turnabout Theatre and The Yale Puppeteers
A Remembrance of Forman Brown
Turnabout Theater

Ralph Chessé
Ralph Chessé Home

Mary Churchill
Mary Putnam Churchill

Sue Hastings
Sue Hastings, Puppet Showwoman - a book by Dorlis Grubidge

Jim Henson
The Jim Henson Foundation
Jim Henson Productions

Shari Lewis
Remembering Shari Lewis

Lotte Reiniger

Rufus and Margo Rose
Rufus and Margo Rose History

Burr Tillstrom
Kukla, Fran, and Ollie from the Chicago Historical Society Online Exhibition


Awards & Scholarships

Arlyn Award for Outstanding Design in the Puppet Theatre - worldwide competition

Puppeteers of America Scholarships

UNIMA-USA Scholarships

UNIMA-USA Citations of Excellence


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