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Producing Creaking Sounds

Someone posted to the PUPTCRIT mailing list, asking for a portable and easy to carry way to make creaking sounds for scary stories and haunted houses. The following suggestion was posted to the list and is used with permission of the author.

From: axtell@fishnet.net


LOW TECH - My best bet on a creaking door would be to screw an old rusty hinge onto 2 short wooden 2 x 4's. Keep it near the mike and move it. It will give you alot of control rather than using a pre-recorded creak.

MEDIUM TECH - Pre-record the effect on a tape recorder either using someone else's voice or a real door. Play the tape back at the needed time.

HIGH TECH - Download a door creak sound file off of the internet and play it back on your laptop. I'm sure these sounds bites are available, if not I can record one for you and email it to you.

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