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Sasha and the Pearl by Rudy Linke


This play is offered to all puppeteers free of charge. This play may be performed for profit provided that the material is not altered without permission of the author. Where credit is given, please include writer's credits as follows: Rudy Linke.

Author's Note: I am interested in receiving feedback from puppeteers regarding this play. Please e-mail me at handupme@hotmail.com with your comments, questions, and suggestions. I welcome all comments, even if the material is not performed, but simply read by puppeteers.

I hope to continue writing plays for puppet theater and your feedback would help me to build my skills.

Although Sasha and the Pearl was written as a marionette play, it can easily be performed with other puppets as needed. As for characters, I have left them purposefully vague in some cases to allow for the greatest amount of interpretation. Have fun and let me know what you think!



SASHA: the hero of the story. She is a young girl of about 10 years. She is bright, brave and very loving.

MOM: Sasha's mother.

DAD: Sasha's dad.

FAIRY: The fairy, like most fairies, is beautiful, with a flowing gown. A wand is not required.

LOBSTER1: part of the lobster guards (the only one with dialog).

LOBSTER GUARDS (3): In addition to Lobster1, there are three other lobster guards. They are all lobsters and should look like lobsters. The guards carry spears. Other accessories may be used, such as helmits.

KING LOBSTER: As the name implies, this is the king of the lobster kingdom. He also is a lobster and wears the accessories of a king such as a crown, and/or royal robes.

EEL: He is an eel and is a slimy, dark character.

CRAB: The Crab should also be a dark character.

VEEVA: the king's daugher and a lobster. She should wear the accessories of a princess and must have a large, pearl necklas. She is young, perhaps equal to a young teen, and wise for her age.

SHARK1, 2, 3, and 4: Menacing sharks must have large, white teeth and evil mouths. There is no good in these characters.

WATER WITCH: She is evil and powerful, with no good in her. She may be a variety of creatures, from an octopus or squid, to something made up. What's important is that she look evil and powerful.


A children's play in three acts


ACT I: Sasha's home


Scene 1: The undersea world

Scene 2: Lobster Palace

ACT III: Water Witch Castle


Sasha and the Pearl



(Sasha's home. Middle income home--nothing fancy but not dirt-poor either. The time period is indistinct and may be whatever is convenient for the production. SASHA is in her bed, DOWNSTAGE RIGHT. Her PARENTS are UPSTAGE LEFT, in the living room. A partial barrier should suggest that Shash is in a different room and is unseen by her parents. SASHA is awake and listening)

MOM:Oh, how I would like to have a beautiful necklace to show to all the ladies at the dance!

DAD:You mean show off, don't you dear?

MOM:Why, you're terrible (chuckling). I would like to impress all those uppity ladies with a wonderful necklace and watch them turn green with envy--just once! Oh, it doesn't have to be a diamond or even a ruby--no, no. I would much rather have a quiet, understated pearl. It's so much more elegant.

DAD: Just one pearl, eh?

MOM:That would be elegant. One pearl is exactly right. Of course, it would have to be a huge pearl!

DAD:Of course. Only the best for my wife. (sigh) Except we can't afford splendid jewelry. I can hardly afford to buy you a new dress, as much as I'd like to.

MOM:Oh, dear, I didn't mean to sound ungrateful. I'm only wishing.

DAD: Well, enough wishing, mother. It's time for dreams. Let's go to bed.

MOM: Yes, it's late.

(Exit MOM and DAD. SASHA gets out of bed)

SASHA: Poor mommy! She wants a pearl necklace and we can't afford to buy one. She is a good mommy and deserves to have a pearl necklace. How I wish I could get her one! Oh, I wish and wish and wish! And then I'd wish and wish and wish some more!

(Enter FAIRY)

FAIRY: Sasha....

SASHA: (startled) Who are you?

FAIRY: I'm a fairy who has heard your wishes.

SASHA: (excited) You have brought me a pearl necklace for my mom? That's wonderful!

FAIRY: No, child. I can't fulfill your wishes. Only you can fulfill your own wishes. It's the way things are.

SASHA: Then why have you come? If yo udon't have a necklace, why are you here?

FAIRY: To show you how to use your wish magic.

SASHA: Wish magic? I have wish magic inside me?

FAIRY: Everyone does. Children have lots of it. Some children have more than others. You, Sasha, have a lot of wish magic in you.

SASHA: And I can use my wish magic to make a pearl necklace for my mom?

FAIRY: Make one? No, child. But, you can use your magic to help you find a pearl.

SASHA: Find one? Like from a jewelry store? I know where one is and I could take...

FAIRY: No, no. That would be stealing and would be wrong.

SASHA: (confused) What then? How do I use wish magic to bring my mom a pearl? I can't wish a pearl to appear and I can't take one from the store. So, how do I get a pearl?

FAIRY: Where do pearls come from?

SASHA: Oh, I know that one! From the sea. The sea is not too far from here--a half day's walk. At the sea men dive into the waters and come up with pearls from oysters!

FAIRY: That's right. Pearls come from the sea.

SASHA: But, oysters are deep in the water, too deep for a little girl like me.

FAIRY: You're a little girl with wish magic--that's something special.

SASHA: How do I use my wish magic?

FAIRY: First, we must put your wish magic into something (looks around and points to stones on top of dresser). What are those?

SASHA: Oh, those are just some old stones I found outside. I like them because they're pretty.

FAIRY: They'll do nicely. Take up those three stones in your hand, child.

(SASHA takes the three stones and holds them)

FAIRY: Now, hold them very tightly. Good. It's time to put your wish magic into those stones. When you wish with all your might, any stone becomes a wish stone. Now, wish hard, Sasha! Wish real hard!

SASHA: Oh, I wish. I wish. I wish...

FAIRY: (encouragingly) Harder, child! Wish harder! Harder than you've ever wished before.

SASHA (begins to shake) I wish...I wish...I wish (getting louder) I wish, I wish, (louder) I wish--I wish--wish, wish, wish, wish (waves arms overhead). Wish, wish, wish, wish!

FAIRY: You've done it, child! You now have three wish stones to help you fulfill your wishes.

SASHA: Oh, thank you, good fairy, thank you! My mother will be so happy.

FAIRY: (giggles) you will learn what truly makes your mother happy.

SASHA: How do I use my wish stones?

FAIRY: Go to the sea and once there, take one of your stones and make a wish to breathe underwater like a fish. Then you can swim down and claim your pearl. But, remember, you need to change back to breathe air again once you are done.

SASHA: I have to leave right away! The sea is a half day's walk from here. Good-bye, fairy. And thank you so very much!

(Exit SASHA)

FAIRY: Don't thank me too soon, child. Life is an adventure and your adventure has just begun!



(The undersea world. Appropriate lighting and props to indicate underwater setting such as plant life and some harmless fish swimming around. Bubbles may help with the illusion. SASHA swims in at downstage right.)

SASHA: It's so easy to breathe underwater with my wish magic! I can swim around like a fish. This is fun! How beautiful this is! I had no idea life under the sea could be so wonderful. This will be fun! All I have to do is find an oyster with a pearl and I can go home. Mommy will be so pleased to have a beautiful pearl.

(SASHA swims to a plant and admires it)

SASHA: Oh, how pretty it is. It's all so pretty down here. The water is warm and feels good on my skin and there are so many colors all around me. It's like swimming in a rainbow!

(ENTER four LOBSTER GUARDS. They carry spears)

LOBSTER1: Seize her!

(Other LOBSTERS move in on SASHA)

SASHA: (startled) What is this? Who are you? What are you doing?

LOBSTER1: We are the king's palace guards and we've come to arrest you.

SASHA: Me? What for? I haven't done anything.

LOBSTER1: You don't belong in the water world. You're from above, from the air world. You don't belong down here.

SASHA: Yes, I know. But, I've come to find a pearl for my mother. That's all. I won't hurt you.

LOBSTER1: Silence! Save the talking for the king. Come with us.

SASHA: (looking at spears) With those spears pointing at me, do I have a choice?

LOBSTER1: No. Now come!

(ALL exit right)



(Lobster Palace. There is an ornate throne at UC. Other items should suggest that this is a palace, such as columns. KING LOBSTER is sitting on his throne. An EEL floats near King Lobster. SASHA and LOBSTER GUARDS enter upstage right)

KING: Who comes before me?

LOBSTER1: My lord, I bring you a prisoner. An air breather, sire.

EEL: (shocked) An air breather! How can that be? This is water, not air!

KING: Silence! (beat) I believe this to be a trick by the Water Witch. She is cunning and evil. No trick is beyond her magic!

LOBSTER1: Your majesty, can the Water Witch be so powerful? Is her magic this great?

KING: The Water Witch took my daughter right from the palace. She took my lovely Veeva right from under my finest guards. Her magic must be great.

EEL: Yes, your majesty, you must be right. The Water Witch must be very powerful to do this. How can we survive against her? We must surrender to her.

KING: Never! She is evil and I will not turn my kingdom over to her. Those who are with her are afraid of her. I will not turn my people over to her. Never!

SASHA: This Water Witch has nothing to do with me. I've never met your Water Witch or any other kind of witch.

KING: Then how can you breathe underwater? Answer me that, air child.

SASHA: Wishing stones, sir.

EEL: You will call him 'your majesty' or 'sire'. That's what you must call our king.

SASHA: Very well. Sire, then.

KING: Wishing stones? What sort of magic is this? It is very powerful. Perhaps it could rescue my daughter from the evil Water Witch.

EEL: (nervously) More powerful than the magic of the Water Witch? How can this be, sire? The Water Witch is all powerful. She wants to rule all of the undersea kingdoms. Her magic is the greatest.

KING: Silence, Eel.

EEL: Yes, sire.

KING: Tell me, air child, is your magic more powerful than the magic of the Water Witch?

SASHA: I--I don't know. I've never met the Water Witch, so I don't know if my magic is more powerful than hers. Maybe.

KING: Then, I beg you, use your magic to free my daughter from the Water Witch. She is being held catpive and will be eaten if I don't surrender my kingdom to the Water Witch.

SASHA: But, sire, I've come only to get a pearl for my mother. I'm just a girl. I don't know how to rescue your daughter.

KING: If you don't rescue my daughter, I will keep you here forever! This I command!

(GUARDS move in toward SASHA)

SASHA: Oh, please, your majesty. I mean you no harm. My mother and father will miss me if you keep me here.

KING: (sighs) I cannot hold you, child. I know what it's like to lose a daughter and I won't put your parents through that torment. You're fee to go.

SASHA: Thank you, sire, thank you.

(SASHA turns to leave as KING SIGHS. SASHA turns back to KING)

SASHA: I can't leave you like this. I have two wish stones left. One I need to breathe air again so I can go home to my mom and dad. I have an extra wish and maybe I can use it to help your daughter.

KING: (overjoyed) Bless you, child! Bless you! You are truly a loving young girl.

SASHA: I haven't freed your daughter yet. I can only try.

EEL: Sire! You intend to send this girl to the Water Witch?

KING: (to Eel) Silence, I say. (to Sasha) You have my deepest gratitude. The captain of my guards will point the way to the Water Witch's castle.

LOBSTER1: Follow me, please.


KING: Thank you for trying! Thank you!

(EEL swims to DL where he meets CRAB. They are out of sight of Lobster King and the others who are speaking together, unheard. EEL and CRAB speak in whispers.)

CRAB: Tell me, Eel, you have news for the Water Witch?

EEL: Great news! Important news! Very, very important news!

(EEL looks back towards King and the others, nervously)

CRAB: What news then? Out with it so I can deliver it to the Water Witch.

EEL: A girl comes to rescue the king's daughter.

CRAB: (laughs) A girl? So what! The Lobster King has sent mighty soldiers to rescue the princess and the Water Witch has defeated them all. What can a child do?

EEL: She isn't from the sea, she is from land. She is an air breather.

CRAB: (startled) An air breather? But how can this be?

EEL: Magic. Great magic.

CRAB: No magic is greater than the magic of the Water Witch.

EEL: (doubtingly) I don't know....

CRAB: (alarmed) Bite your tongue, spy! The Water Witch is the greatest power in the sea. Nothing can defeat her (whisper to EEL) Besides, if she were to learn that you doubted her superior power, she'd grind you up into sausage! So, be careful what you say and keep your doubts to yourself.

EEL: I will keep my doubts to myself, but the Water Witch must be warned. The girl who comes has magic. How else can an air breather live under the sea?

CRAB: True, true! The Water Witch must be warned so she can prepare. But, I don't want to deliver the news. The Water Witch gets so angry when someone brings her bad news. Why, I once saw her eat the last creature to bring her bad news--and that was a shark!

EEL: But, maybe she won't eat you because she's saving room in her stomach for the King's daughter.

CRAB: Oh, yes, she is looking forward to eating the princess! She keeps wondering if she should eat her in one bite or in tiny bites to make it last.

EEL: Disgusting!

CRAB: Hush! The Water Witch has powers and maybe she'll hear you.

EEL: I am a spy for the Water Witch because I fear her. I don't hate the Lobster King or his daughter. In fact, I like the princess!

CRAB: (angry) Hush! Hush! Do you want the Water Witch to hear you? She'll gladly eat you, too!

EEL: (sighs) I remember when all of the kingdom lived in peace. That was before the Water Witch came to take over. She's evil, pure evil!

CRAB: Hush! She'll hear you.

EEL: I don't know if I care. How long can we live in fear?

CRAB: You'd better take care or you'll be a tasty treat for her. She'll eat you up in one bite!

EEL: When will it all end? When will the evil go away?

CRAB: I don't know. What I know is that I must deliver your news to the Water Witch.

EEL: Yes, and I'd better return to the king.

CRAB: Wish me luck.

EEL: Good luck!

(EEL and CRAB EXIT in opposite directions)



(Interior of Water Witch Castle. This should be a "dark" set suggesting evil. UC is a cage and inside the cage is PRINCESS VEEVA, the king's daughter. There is a large table, utinsels and pots to indicate a big kitchen. Some skeletal remains would work well to set an evil mood. SASHA swims in from right.)

SASHA: It was easy getting inside the Water Witch's castle. Maybe too easy. No one is around. The halls are empty and all the rooms, too. That scares me.

VEEVA: Hello.

SASHA: (startled) H-hello. (beat) You must be Princess Veeva!

VEEVA: Yes! Yes, I am. Who are you?

SASHA: My name is Sasha.

VEEVA: (surprised) You're an air breather!

SASHA: I'll explain later. Right now, I need to get you out of here.

(Sasha tries to open the cage. Four SHARKS enter from right.)

VEEVA: Watch out! Sharks!

(The sharks swim in for the attack, swooping and trying to get Sasha. Sasha ducks and moves)

SASHA: Oh, no!

SHARK1: Surrender or die!

SASHA: No! I won't surrender.

SHARK2: We'll eat you alive if we have to, girl, so surrender!

SHARK1: In the name of the Water Witch, surrender or die!

SASHA: No, I won't surrender. I won't! You're evil and I won't give in to evil. I won't!

SHARK1: Then die! Die, little girl!

SHARK2: Die!

SHARK 3 & 4: Die! Die!

VEEVA: Watch out, Sasha!

(SHARKS attack SASHA, swooping down and all around her. She moves and dodges their attack)

SASHA: (gasps with fright) Oh! Stop! No! (beat) Where's my wish stone? I need help! (she gets a wish stone) Here it is! (beat--then, boldly, with new courage because of the stone, she shouts) Go Away!

(SHARKS immediately stop their attack and begin to move backwards to stage left.)

SHARK1: (confused) I can't get close to her!

SHARK2: Something is pulling us away!

(SHARKS keep moving stage left, backwards, struggling against the force)

SHARK1: It's not fair! She's using magic on us!

SHARK2: I hate magic.

SHARK1: Quiet, you fool, or the Water Witch will hear you!

SHARK3: I can't get her. We're being pulled away by her magic!

(EXIT SHARKS stage left)

SASHA: Whew! that was close! Those sharks had big teeth! But, now I've used my second wish stone. I have only one left. I have to save the last wish stone so I can go home again. If I use it up now, I'll never be able to go home again. (returns to cage) Now, to get you out of there and back home to your father!

(Sasha works on the cage, trying to open the lock)

SASHA: It's locked and I can't get it open.

(ENTER WATER WITCH at DL. She is not seen by Sasha or Veeva)

WATER WITCH: Perhaps the key would help.

VEEVA: (startled) It's the Water Witch!

SASHA: Oh, no!

VEEVA: (to Sasha) Go, Sasha! Swim quickly and save yourself!

SASHA: No! I won't leave you behind.

VEEVA: But you must. Go now! Quickly, before the Water Witch captures you, too.

WATER WITCH: It's much too late for that, air breather. I knew you were coming long ago and have been waiting for you. All the castle doors are locked and you can't escape me. (laughs)

SASHA: I defeated your sharks!

WATER WITCH: (suddenly angry) Yes, so you did, so you did. What a shame. They were such good guards. Never mind! What's done is done. Besides, your magic is no match for me. Go ahead and try your magic, little girl. Go ahead.

VEEVA: (whisper to SASHA) You have only one wish stone left.

SASHA: (whisper to VEEVA) Yes, and I need that to get home again.

VEEVA: (to SASHA) Oh, then what will you do?

WATER WITCH: (triumphantly) I though so! No magic in you, girl. Gone, all gone. Just a simple air breather, aren't you? Well, then, I suppose I'll enjoy my lobster dinner. Are you ready to be eaten, princess?

VEEVA: Just get it over with. I'm tired of you! End the waiting.

SASHA: Oh, poor princess. I can't let you be eaten!

VEEVA: But, you can't use your last wish stone, otherwise you won't go home. You said so.

SASHA: But -- Oh! I don't know what to do! I desperately want to go home to my mom and dad, but I want to help you, too.

VEEVA: You can't do both. Sasha. Save your magic for yourself. You must go home to your loving parents. That's what's important.

SASHA: This is terrible!

WATER WITCH: Yes, go home air breather and leave the water worlds to me! I have used my magic to unlock all the castle doors. Now, be gone! Be gone or I may eat you, too!

SASHA: I can't go. And yet, what can I do here?

WATER WITCH: I'm hungry for lobster.

(WATER WITCH unlocks cage and grabs VEEVA. WATER WITCH takes VEEVA to table and readies to eat her.)

WATER WITCH: I will eat you nice and slow, with tiny little bites. That's what I've decided.

VEEVA: (to SASHA) Go! Go! Swim away, Sasha. Go to your family!

WATER WITCH: Yes, swim away, girl. I have no need for you and I want to enjoy my meal in peace. Now, be gone!

(WATER WITCH moves to eat VEEVA)

SASHA: (to herself) Oh, my last wish stone. I have it in my hand.

WATER WITCH: (annoyed) Go away and let me eat my lobster princess. Go home. I want to sink my teeth into this lobster child now.

(WATER WITCH lowers her head to bite VEEVA)

SASHA: (commands) Stop Witch!

(WATER WITCH freezes in place and remains unmoving)

VEEVA: What have you done?

SASHA: The Water Witch will no longer bother you or anyone else ever again. She is frozen in time.

VEEVA: Poor Sasha! Now you can't go home ever again. You will never again see your mom or dad. How sad, how terribly sad.

SASHA: (saddened) Let's get you home. Your father misses you very much.

VEEVA: You poor girl. You'll never see your home again.

SASHA: I had to use my wish stone. I just couldn't let that evil witch eat you. That would have been horrible. So horrible.

VEEVA: And now you're stuck under the sea forever.

SASHA: (Deeply saddened) All for a pearl.

VEEVA: You came down here looking for a pearl?

SASHA: Yes. A pearl for my mother. A wonderful, big pearl

VEEVA: Poor Sasha. How easy it is to give you that pearl. Look, I wear a magnificent pearl around my neck. Here, you may have it.

(VEEVA gives pearl to SASHA)

SASHA: Thank you.

VEEVA: I know it's of little use to you now, but I want you to have it.

SASHA: It's beautiful, but I'd trade it for a wish stone in an instant.

VEEVA: How did you get those wishing stones anyway?

SASHA: From a fairy.

VEEVA: A fairy gave them to you?

SASHA: Well, I already had the stones on my dresser.

VEEVA: Oh, so the fairy made them magical?

SASHA: I guess. (Beat, then, slowly) Wait. She said when you wish with all your might, any stone becomes a wish stone.

VEEVA: Any stone?

SASHA: (pondering--slowly) She said any stone. She said children have lots of wish magic inside them.

(VEEVA goes to the ground and picks up a stone. Then she returns to SASHA)

VEEVA: Here! Here's a stone. Turn it into a wish stone.

SASHA: Oh, I can't. Can I?

VEEVA: Why not? You did it when the fairy told you how. Try it!

SASHA: (getting excited) Okay, I will. I will! (beat) I wish, I wish, (begins to shake with intensity of her wishing) I wish, I wish--wish--wish--wish! (Stops suddenly and gasps)

VEEVA: Is it done? Do you have a wish stone?

SASHA: (looks at stone) Yes! Yes! I can feel it! I can feel the magic! I can go home now.

VEEVA: I'm so happy for you! I know your parents must be worried sick about you.

SASHA: Yes, I know they must be worried. I can go home and I can give my mother this beautiful pearl. It'll make her so happy!

VEEVA: If your parents are anything like lobster parents, I'm sure the only gift she wants is you home safe and sound. Tha't the way moms and dads are, you know.

SASHA: I suppose you're right

VEEVA: You'd better swim up to the top of the water and use your wish stone so you can jump out and breathe air again.

SHASA: Yes! Yes, I should go home (beat) But, I'll miss this place. I like being down here.

VEEVA: Well, now that you know how to make your own wish stones, you can come back anytime you want.

SASHA: That's right! I can come back whenever I want to visit you.

VEEVA: Yes, but you'd better let your parents know where you're going this time.

SASHA: (laughs) Yes, I'll let them know so they won't worry.

VEEVA: You'd better go now. I have to get home, too. My father is so worried about me.

SASHA: Say hello to your father for me. Good-bye, Veeva. It was nice meeting you.

VEEVA: Good-bye Sasha. And I'll see you some day soon! Now, go. Swim up to the top of the water and use your wish magic! Go. Go!

(SASHA swims towards UR--the exit)

SASHA: Off I go!

(SASHA exits)

VEEVA: (calling off stage to Sasha) Good-bye friend. Thank you for everything! And don't forget about makeing wishes! They're so important!